Mount Desert Rock Sea Salt Process

Mount Desert Rock Greenhouse

Sea Salt Processing

Sea Salt Processing

We think the secret to a pure clean salt is pure clean water. We filter the water when we collect it and again when we offload it into our green houses. If the filters we use were any finer, they would actually filter out the salt.

Our green house drying sites are built on the exposed granite ledges on the highlands of Swan's Island. This gives us the exposure to the sun and wind to maximize our drying season.

These highlands were once pushed deep underwater by the massive weight of glacial ice. We would like to think that when we bring sea water up to these ledges it is like old friends meeting again after thousands of years.

Once the salt has formed, we store it in cheese cloth bags for further drying.

Finally, our salt is examined and graded before packaging. Mount Desert Sea Salt is available in 2, 4, and 6 ounces jar as well as sold in bulk volume as small as one pound. 

Sea Salt Processing - Packaged